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נזיד About Nazid

About Nazid

Nazid Company was established with the goal of bringing change to Negev Bedouin society.


Nazid is a social-business venture promoting the employment of Bedouin women. It aims to integrate Bedouin women into the employment cycle and assist them in developing personal and financial independence.

There is significant potential for growth in Bedouin society and the integration of Bedouin women into the work force creates a real opportunity for change. A workplace environment specifically adapted for Bedouin women enables them to join the employment cycle and improve their financial situation.


It was for this purpose that Nazid Company was founded in 2011 by social-business entrepreneur Ibrahim Nsasra. The company initially operated under the name “Negev Palace” in a small factory extending 800 meters. In its first year, the company employed 4 women and produced 300 meals a day. Today, the factory employs 100 women and produces over 20,000 meals a day.

Our new factory is located at Idan HaNegev Industrial Park. The new factory is built on a 3,000 meter property with a production floor spanning 1,800 meters. The new factory is equipped with the most innovative technology in the world. It operates under strict licensing and stringent standards and its production processes are meticulous and controlled. All of the food produced in our factory is completely preservative-free.

We are constantly developing new dishes through the use of unique technologies so that we can provide healthy and delicious food options in a variety of storage methods. 

At Nazid, we believe that experience makes all the difference. The professionals on our staff have extensive experience in the field of food preparation:

Shai Amira – CEO. Over 20 years of experience managing kitchens, events and catering.

Roie Morad – Head Chef.  22 years of experience cooking for events, catering and institutions.

Tamar Ben Yair – Clinical Dietician. 10 years of experience working with institutional kitchens and building menus.

Rena Alturi – Production Manager. 5 years of experience with production in institutional kitchens.

We also turn to the very best chefs for consultation, guidance and recipe development.  


We prepare hot meals daily for students, factories and private events and work vigilantly to provide an assortment of high-quality, fresh, delicious and hot food. We take into consideration the unique flavors of the Bedouin kitchen and do everything necessary to adapt our food to suit each client’s needs.  

When food is cooked from the heart, people feel at home.


Our Vision

Our vision is to make healthy food accessible through a variety of cooking methods and storage solutions. Preparation of healthy food begins with choosing the best raw materials, using only canola oil, pure spices and herbs, and no industrial sauces or powders. Our food is prepared daily and served hot. We are constantly developing new recipes and products that are diverse, delicious and healthy. Our recipes and menus are all approved by a clinical dietician.

Food Delivery

The most simple. Our website makes it easy to order your favorite food online. You can use your computer or cellphone to place an order from work or home, and the food you love will be delivered hot directly to your door. What do you need to do? *Fill out the order form on the website by 9:00 Thursday morning and your delivery will arrive between 11:00-14:00 on Friday.

Delivery cost
Size of order
Over 500 NIS
20 NIS
350-500 NIS
30 NIS
200-350 NIS

*Within the delivery zone    

Click here for our online food shop (Hebrew)


The most delicious. At Nazid, we celebrate your events together with you, no matter how big or small. From event-planning and menu-building all the way through to implementation, we consider the smallest details to ensure that your event will be perfect. Simple. Delicious!

So how does it work? An event is coming up? Congratulations! The excitement is building and the planning has begun. Now let us make it easier for you….

First we will meet to discuss the event. You’ll tell us all the relevant details so that we can customize the perfect event for you. We’ll recommend everything from the amount of food you need to order, the ideal menu, how it should be served, and what equipment will be required.

At our next meeting you’ll get to taste the various food options and together we’ll decide on the final menu.

On the day of the event, our skilled staff will arrive on-site to ensure that your event unfolds exactly as you dreamed.

Click here to leave your relevant details so that we can schedule a meeting.  


The most professional. Years of experience make a difference. At Nazid, we cook hot food daily for thousands of students in schools and kindergartens across the country. We are vigilant in all aspects of food preparation as well as in building a healthy, balanced and diverse menu, approved by a clinical dietician and in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines. We pack the food while it’s still hot using temperature-controlled coolers and deliver it in authorized food-delivery trucks directly to the school or kindergarten. Additionally, children receive a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that have already been washed and cleaned.

All carbohydrates are at least 50% whole-grain  

Use of canola oil only

No powdered spices or industrial sauces

No phosphates

Addition of whole-grain breads

Vegetarian meal served once a week with nutritional value adhering to Ministry of Health guidelines  

A varied and changing menu, approved by a clinical dietician  
Peeled Fruit

The most luxurious. Peeled Fruit offers you a variety of fruit products for events, the office, the road, or just to enjoy at home. The fruit arrives clean, cut and ready-to-eat. We place an emphasis on quality and purchase our fruit directly from the farm, according to need and based on our professional knowledge. Our products can be found in a number of supermarket chains, convenient stores and institutional markets, and make a refreshing, delicious, healthy and fresh dessert for any event.



  • Produced daily from choice, fresh and high-quality raw ingredients.

  • Using only natural ingredients, no powders and no preservatives.

  • Social venture promoting the employment of Bedouin women and their integration into the work force.

  • Emphasis on traditional food and flavors - combining progress with the tastes of tradition.  

Tel: 08-6499743 Fax:08-9109884 Email: ilanit@nazid.co.il 

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